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In the annals of Rosedale's history, there exists a dark and tragic tale, a somber narrative that unfurled in the shadows of the year 1903. It is a story, not only of human frailty but of supernatural intrigue that weaves a sinister tapestry around the Stark Saloon.

John Stark and Jennie Blacketer, bound by vows of matrimony, embarked on their journey as husband and wife. But fate, with its capricious hand, had different plans for them. In their eighth year of marriage, Mrs. Stark fell ill, and her sister was summoned to their side.

Little did anyone suspect that the arrival of the sister would cast a pall over their lives, as an illicit love burgeoned between her and John. A clandestine affair, fueled by forbidden passion, festered like a wound left to fester in the depths of the night.

As the days turned into nights, secrets whispered in the darkest corners of their hearts grew too heavy to bear. The truth could no longer be confined, and the sister was sent away to a distant city, bearing the child of their indiscretion.


Mrs. Stark fled to her Aunts tut even as the scandal threatened to consume them, she returned to him, seeking solace in the arms of her husband.

The saloon, their place of business and personal torment, became the backdrop for a tragedy shrouded in mystery. On that fateful morning, John and Jennie, seemingly reconciled, strolled the streets of Rosedale. Their laughter, a discordant echo of happiness, reverberated through the town, lulling its inhabitants into a false sense of relief.

Yet, behind the façade of reconciliation, a storm was brewing, one that would unleash its tempest within the very walls of Stark Saloon. A letter, filled with accusations and bitterness, was delivered to John by his father. Its contents, a poison-laden truth, unveiled the depths of Jennie's despair.

In a fit of rage, goaded by guilt and the specter of his own wrongdoing, John drew forth a pistol. A single shot shattered the fleeting peace, followed swiftly by another and yet another. The world outside the saloon turned silent, save for the echoes of those deadly reports.

Katie Brittick, a witness to the tragic symphony, heard the shots and Jennie's haunting scream. An ominous hush fell over the town as its inhabitants, gripped by fear, hesitated to intervene. The curtains of darkness, drawn over the saloon's windows, concealed the macabre tableau unfolding within.

Marshall Connerly and Ike Laney, daring souls, ventured inside to confront the nightmare. Jennie, lifeless and wounded, lay near the rear door, while John, in the throes of death, gazed upon Laney with an unsettling recognition. Dr. Baldridge's arrival was futile, for both husband and wife had succumbed to the inexorable hands of fate.

The saloon, now a sanctuary of sorrow, was locked, its key entrusted to John's father. The bodies, devoid of life, found their temporary abode in the home of James Stark, a brother who lived nearby. A double grave awaited them, where they would rest side by side, separated only by the veil of death. 

As the tale unfolded, Bertha Blacketer, the sister who had borne the weight of this tragedy, was forced to flee Rosedale. Her presence was met with indignation, her path marked by jeers and scorn. She boarded a train to an uncertain destiny, carrying her babe and the scarlet letter of shame. Her heart ached, and for the first time, she felt the icy fingers of despair clutching at her soul.

In the aftermath of this calamity, Rosedale stood haunted by the ghosts of secrets untold. John Stark, not known as a drinking man, had met his end under a shroud of insanity, and Jennie, once regarded as a virtuous woman, lay victim to circumstances beyond her control. The sympathy of the community flowed toward her and the five innocent children left behind, orphaned by the abyss that had consumed their family.

Yet, beyond the mortal realm, in the echoes of Stark Saloon, whispers of paranormal activity have been reported. A lingering presence, perhaps the restless souls of John and Jennie, is said to still haunt the establishment, as if bound by the chains of their tragic love and torment. Their spirits, forever trapped in the realm between this world and the next, add an eerie layer to the enigmatic history of Stark Saloon, a place where the living and the departed intertwine in a dance of sorrow and mystery that defies the passage of time.


    Fri, Aug 30
    143 N Main St, Rosedale, IN 47874, USA
    Aug 30, 2024, 8:00 PM EDT – Aug 31, 2024, 4:00 AM EDT
    143 N Main St, Rosedale, IN 47874, USA
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