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About Beyond the shadows

Welcome to Beyond the Shadows, where the unexplored mysteries of the paranormal meet the warmth of genuine connections. Founded by Lisa and Brittany, we are more than just a paranormal team; we're enthusiasts with a profound dedication to both the unknown and the people who seek to understand it.


Our journey began with a shared passion for the paranormal, as well as a desire to assist others on their own spectral quests. We vividly recall our early days as investigators attending crowded public events, where the experience often left us craving more intimate and fruitful interactions. That's precisely why we created Beyond the Shadows – to offer a unique blend of private investigations and paranormal events, making the extraordinary accessible to all. By keeping our gatherings small, we ensure that every participant has the opportunity to forge connections, share theories, debunk myths, and collect compelling evidence.


Our mission extends beyond the paranormal; we're equally passionate about sharing the rich history and spirited stories of the locations we explore. Join us on this extraordinary journey, where the past and the present converge, and the shadows come to life.

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